1st Sensory Legion are at it again and this time, it’s huge!!!

Following the massive success of Feel the Force Day, the 1st Sensory Legion are pleased to announce (drum rolls please):


The 1st Sensory Legion are part of Extreme Clowning CIC, a community interest company specialising in helping sensory impaired and disabled people access TV, film and popular culture.

Feel the Force day was the first sci-fi event in the world to be specifically designed for people with additional needs.

By making small and reasonable adjustments, 1st Sensory Legion enabled people to access Star Wars through touch and smell.

From touchable props to tactile models to smell jars, the day was designed to help as many people as possible access Star Wars in a variety of ways.

Just take a few minutes to watch the video by clicking here and you’ll get what we mean

Feel the Force Day saw over 500 people through the door, and gave many people the chance to experience something they hadn’t before. This time they have a new venue with space for 2000 people and they’re opening it up to all aspects of film and TV.

A lot of mainstream conventions are not practical for disabled people for a variety of reasons, now at least one is.

Tickets are already on sale and are going quickly so order now!