There are some great things happening for Star Wars fans this year, the 3D film launch, Star Wars Fan Day and perhaps the biggest of all, the Elstree empire day.

It’ll hit your pockets pretty hard sometimes, especially if you want to meet everyone while they’re here in the UK.

Some places are cheap, but hard to get to, some are expensive and easy to get to, and some are just right.

So that means we can look at it in two ways: Something for everyone, or things should be inside my house and closed off to everyone other then myself. I prefer the latter.

But sadly, in this case the latter isn’t really an option. So what can we expect this year? More figures, more Lego and more signatures!

There are some great lesser characters this year, including Mark Hamill’s stunt double! And Senator Yarua, but the contrast in price for seeing these guys couldn’t be further apart.

Star Wars Fan Fun Day is just £6 for an adult ticket, and £3 for a child.

The Kurtz Joinery Archive (Elstree Empire day) Can cost up to £1250 per ticket, or as “little” as £60.

It feels like a bit of a kick in the nads, but it may be worth it, we’ll keep you updated on what will go on there, until then do you think this is the convention for you? What do you look for in a Star Wars convention? Let us know!