Thought I would round up 2013 from my perspective. I didn’t frequent as many conventions this year as I did last year, I think last year was around 16.

I did go to San Diego again this year and cannot wait till the expansion has been built., which then puts a downer when visiting any convention in the UK.

SSCC is mighty, yes it has been going on for years and yes the majority of artists and writers are US residents, but what makes me laugh is who headlines SDCC, easy answer no one does. Not even Stan. This year I had the chance to attend the Heroes Initiative private signing, so had the chance to chat with the like of Brian Bendis, Joe Quesada, Kevin Eastman, Tim Sale and many others. I got to meet Stan Lee again, met Len Wein harassed Robert Kirkman but that is another story. I watched the rush for exclusive toys and the Qs.

Frequented LSCC at the start, for any comic book lover this is the must go to event of the year in my personal opinion. SDCC started off as a comic convention and look at it now.  Now i do not know their plans but hopefully some publishers have taken note and will be coming. I popped into MCM London and was disappointed with the comic selection overall, I also went to LFCC and enjoyed meeting Norman Reedus, the hung over Peter Dinklage and many more cast members of GOT. Had a great chat to Will Yun Lee who was surprised when i asked him for 15 signatures on some clients comic books. Then it was San Diego. And I think that was it for this year.

In all honesty no others really said to me “come visit me”, maybe The Lakes one tempted me but it was so far to travel. For the price of travel, accommodation, food you might as well take a trip to NYCC in October.

As you can see from our listings there seems to be a influx of conventions making their debut in 2013, as well as others coming around for their 2nd year. Others have changed names to reflect ….no cannot go on about that again. Announcements have been made of new conventions in 2014 already as well.

Edinburgh gets a convention with Something Bloody Awesome, ICE in Birmingham, Melksham returned for a 2nd year and DICE again in Dublin. 33 conventions listed and I think that we probably missed some.

Is that too many for the UK?

Could you go to all 33?

What makes the perfect comic convention?

So for me this year it was pretty dull, hopefully next year my plans are to go to LSCC then off to MegaCon in Florida, San Diego is a must and so is NYCC. Which leads me onto another point.

Are there any readers who would be interested in going to NYCC, tickets are easy to come by, flights are relative cheap if we did a group booking and hotels….well it is NYCC but there is always a deal on somewhere. If there is any interest could you email me.

so i could get a rough idea of possible numbers that might be interested in going.