We spoke with Dan, the man behind Leamington Comic Con

As a supporter and frequenter to the smaller conventions (as well as the bigger), we were pleased to see another local convention announced this year, this time in one of the most royal towns, Leamington Spa. We took some time out to get to know the man behind the scenes, Dan Mallier, and see what […]

Official Comic Conventions Convention 2014

We are inundated with emails most days asking us whether we have thought about putting on a comic convention, after much debate we can officially announce “The Comic Conventions Convention 2014″ aka CCC 2014. We have been busy most of  this year and last year making contacts with various trips to UK and USA conventions. […]

LSCC 2014 – The summary

For ourselves, LSCC 2014 is the first real con we genuinely look forward to at the start of the year and their third outing to date didn’t fail to impress. Everything about the event seemed more polished this year than the last two, as if the organisers genuinely take on board the comments and criticisms […]

Treasure Hunt 2014 @ LSCC Kids only folks

A message for all you parents going to LSCC this weekend and bringing their kids. My son aged 10 has organised, in conjunction with LSCC a kids treasure. There will be 50 maps on Saturday and 50 on Sunday available with clues leading you around the venue. Each clue represents a letter and those letters […]

Finally in a few days it has arrived

Well that time again of the year has arrived and this weekend fans will descend on the Excel centre for the 3rd London Super Comic Con. With a fresh line up of guests and publishers. More exhibitors and small press than last year, dont forget our very own editor here at Comic Conventions, Neil has […]