Curious Star Wars and comic art fans will be flocking to Birmingham’s International Comic Expo on September the 10th to find out all about the new comic and TV series from Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back producer Gary Kurtz who, along with fellow creators Richard Bazley (Iron Giant, Harry Potter) and Paul Goodenough (How to Train Your Dragon) will be making a very special appearance at the popular comic convention in England’s second city.

The artist and co-writing team of Ben Oliver and Simon “Transformers” Furman will also be at hand to let fans know all about the exciting new property know only as: “THE CHIMERAN” in an ICE exclusive reveal and Q&A panel.

We are incredibly excited to welcome all of these amazing creators to the expo next month”, said organiser Shane Chebsey “Gary Kurtz was not only the man behind Star Wars but also producer on cult classic The Dark Crystal, which I love, so I am very excited to see what he has come up with such an array of incredibly talented artists and writers.

Co-creator Paul Goodenough added: “The Chimeran fits perfectly with the recent evolution of comics and TV. It’s carved from the same cloth as Deadwood, Planet of the Apes and Game of Thrones: bad things happen and people suffer, but in that suffering and fear, we examine what makes people ‘human’ and how far humankind will go to save themselves.

 “It’s really very exciting to be involved in such a dramatically interesting and unusual story.” said the legendary Star War Producer.

All together there are over 14 exclusive events happening on the Saturday at ICE 2015 with another 14 events aimed at aspiring artists and writers on the Sunday plus signings and a charity auction.