As you may have noticed, things have been fairly quiet on the site for the last few months… dead quiet if you count the time that the website was offline!

We want to apologise to all the site users for this. As some of you may know, Jason and I run our own business, and, while it’s really satisfying to be your own boss, it’s also bloody hard work! We’ve been absolutely manic all through the Christmas period and at the start of 2019, and it feels like we’re just coming up for air now. It’s good to be busy, but it’s not good to be so busy that you start to neglect certain parts of your business, your hobbies, or your life in general.

So! From now on, we will be posting regularly again, and making sure the event list is as up-to-date as possible. Remember to send through your events to us via the contact form on the site, or email us at if you prefer. We will still be making changes to the site, but we’ll be doing these a little bit at a time to hopefully cause as little disruption to everyone as possible.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to hearing about as many comic events as possible in 2019 and beyond!

Emily & Jason