Abe Sapien #1 “an all new, ongoing series”. Published by Dark horse comics, from the pages of hellboy! There’s no doubt that Abe is one of the coolest characters to come out of the whole Hellboy franchise, and he deserves his own title… The cover art gives us a real feeling of mystery meets family history! A note, A man, a ‘Sapien’ woman and a frog, Abe himself hiding beneath his coat collar, all this paints an accurate picture for us already, asking the question,  just who is the real Abe Sapien?… So you get the idea of where the stories going, and it’s creators will have some interesting plot twists and turns in line for this series and for Abe, taking us on a very curious journey indeed whether you’re a fan of Hellboy or not.

This issue is part 1 of 3, titled “Dark and terrible”. Starting off in a dark basement, where a young justin bieber loving teen girl is lying unconcious; a human sacrifice to satan worshippers who are trying to invoke the devil…as they do! I’m not sure whether this scene was just an initial shocker for the start of the series, or whether the pair of evil no-good doers are going to make another appearance later on, confirming that they do have more plot important roles to play in this mystery, as this is yet to be seen. The bureau for paranormal research and defence need Abe’s help in this time of crisis and big bloody monsters! So they are in search of him since he went missing months previous to this story.

The creative team behind Hellboy bring us this whole new chapter in it’s truest form, with the same dark artistry, shady characteristics and terrific monsters that made Hellboy what it is today.It’s this same driving-force that gives Abe Sapien his webbed feet this time round! Any true fan of Hellboy, Abe and it’s various creators, will love and apreciate this comic for what it is; and as it say’s in “Hell-mail”to the back of the comic, “this is the beginning of something big…”-and I agree. This is definitely one to watch…

By Dylan montu Butcher 😀

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