Created by: Pendleton Ward          Written by: Ryan North            Illustrated by: Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb           Letters by: Steve Wands

“What time is it?? AD-VENTURE TIME!” … My wife bought this book for our twin daughters as they have fallen in love with the cartoon, so much so they won’t watch anything else. She invested in the hard-back edition because this is their first ever graphic-novel, all very exciting right?! Anyway, in giving up on my futile efforts to get them watching Spiderman after school, I decided to join them and their new best friends, Finn and Jake instead!

Thanks to Cartoon Network and Titan comics you can now enjoy the insanely-brilliant cartoon with the cult-following in all of its illustrated excellence; whilst making it a fundamental -‘mental’ being the key word- instalment to your kids growing book collection, or of course, your own! But if you are always trying to find new and interesting ‘hidden-gems’ to read with the kids, then this is one of them…

adventure time

There is some lovely art for all to enjoy, this includes an exclusive SDCC issue-one cover and alternative full-page pieces of art for various other issues in the collection too. Needless to say you are getting more for your money than the usual graphic-novel as it is packed full of extras. Even Finn and Jake have been embossed on the hard-back edition; and all the effort that’s been put into the look and feel of the book itself matches that of its contents. Pendleton Ward has created a crazy cartoon which has accumulated mass-appeal, and the comic is just as brilliant! The story is the adventure it claims to be and it is heavily doused with randomness and humour that we can all relate to. Expect to see lots of bright and alluring colours, highly amusing illustrations with all the usual characters; and lettering and SFX that are so well designed its as though the characters have come to life and jumped off the page to tell you the story! All of Adventure Times very talented creators have utilised their power to express their vision in the form of a comic in every way imaginable. The whole momentum of the story, panels, art, everything, is ingenious in its design and will hold your children’s attention as you relish in this some-what  different reading experience together.

Volume two is out already and we will be collecting this highly entertaining and beautiful collection, and embarking on the biggest adventure that the land of Ooo’s unforgettable residents have been on so far… Comic-books!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀