ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #2                                     


You can expect to see all the typical adventures that take place in Metropolis and beyond, but this is the most colourfully comical approach that DC has used to tell these tales in years. In fact it’s quite easy to get the impression that they are trying to redeem themselves for all the tragedy that has occurred in the wake of “the new 52’s!”(Another prime example of this would be the current release of Batman ’66! Which you will also find at A place in space.)

If you’re looking for a medley of short stories surrounding the man of steels most amusing exploits and you want a refreshing change from the usual suspects on offer in your local comic-shop, then this one’s for you… It’s highlights include: x-ray vision ‘shaving’, Flying elephants, gorillas and giant rubber ducks, high speed trains on broken tracks, a dinosaur and a Superman themed amusement park that is quite literally ‘out of this world!’. Lex and Lois are even tied into the story-lines to keep things traditional! The mystery man in the 1st story takes the words right out of my mouth when Superman exclaims “GREAT SCOTT!” He replies; “GREAT SCOTT”? REALLY?”… The lettering is erratic at times, but I think it needs to be in order to keep up with the rest of the comic’s irregular attributes!

adventures of superman #2

The art-work is purposefully bright and bold, and each of the 3 stories have got there very own trademark look. My personal favourite is “slow news day”, and it turns out to be not so slow after-all for the daily-planet employees, espiecally not for Clark! The whole layout further enhances the fast-paced plot making it extremely enjoyable to read from start to finish. Each story has impeccable timing and humorous punch-lines to boot. The cover art is also vibrant and truly represents the entertainment qualities that are on offer here, the 3d title is reminiscent of the classic Superman films and comics too.

In conclusion the team-ups of acclaimed writers and artists involved, have successfully shed more light on the DC universe than the bat-signal projected across the Gotham sky-line on the night of the owls!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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