If you would like a bit of insight into an earlier issue of the age of ultron series, then follow this link:- “” to AOU #2 review by our very own Beth Slater… We are currently on book seven, and I am still miffed at seeing hulk and thing fighting alongside one-another! Although this is just one aspect of the AOU’s casting that is meant to draw us into this post apocalyptic universe with an understanding that these are some of the only heroes left on earth, following the devastation that ultron left behind… It’s so refreshing to see Dr Strange now taking a more up-front role as he speaks on behalf of “the defenders“, who are the more unsuspecting of super hero team-up’s. Strange has always fascinated me since I was a kid and it’s great to see him in such a valued marvel event! And I have to say that Cable looks more like cyclops these days too! In this issue the focus is pretty much all on Logan (wolverine) and Sue Richard’s, following the events that led to Hank Pym being slaughtered by Wolverine’s claws before he was able to create Ultron! The future-saving pair of heroes are still back in time in the savage land, flying around amongst pteradon’s in their car of the future. Sue stops a T-Rex by putting a force field in it’s mouth, before they venture back to the present day only to find that the savage land is now a dumping ground for alien space crafts, which is being patrolled by “starkguards“, a security team of iron-man suited storm troopers!? … They are yet to see exactly what repercussion’s their action’s have had on the world of today, they are greeted by the concrete of the city, after they are knocked out of the sky by an unknown blast- SHABOOM!

age of ultron book seven middle shot

The defender’s come flying in to do their job, mistaking Sue and Logan for skrull’s in disguise and the battle is on! The highlight’s of this great fight-scene for me would have to be the artistry behind Dr Strange as he dishes out spells. Wolverine from the past and wolverine of the present day add humour to the comic, constantly trying to sniff each other out and use their natural animal instincts and senses as they rip into each other regardless! Hulk does what he does best… smashes! As invisible girl uses her force fields to try and contain his strength.-this, along with the blood splattering’s inflicted by wolverine, and Strange’s spells add to the over-all timing of this issue, making for an epic scuffle! Which is also beautifully illustrated I might add!- The marvel universe is still inked in grey’s, blue’s and green’s to further illustrate the gloomy nature of the plotline. Both the lettering and bubbles are astounding  and true to marvel comic’s form. The whole post apocalyptic future thing is clearly a big part of this story, and after reading this issue you will see how the previous events have really shaped the future… and by the look of the still dull, mechanical scenery, it’s not entirely for the better!  There are alot more big changes to the current universe that you will discover for yourself, towards the end of this exciting issue and beyond!… Be prepared.

By Dylan Butcher 😀

A place in space Thanks again for providing this great new issue!

Brian Michael Bendis               Brandon Peterson

Paul Mounts                               Carlos Pacheco Roger Martinez

Jose Villarrubia                         VC’sCory Petit

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