Anime, Gaming & Cosplay hits Leicester this September

Alcon, Leicester’s convention for anime, gaming and cosplay returns this 31st August to 3rd September

A fun and friendly party convention for anime fans, gamers, cosplayers and general geeks! Make sure to register now for 4 days of festival, convention and party fun from 10am in the morning to 3am each night at (you do not need to pay until July)

Bigger and better than ever with a brand new upgraded Student Union venue, and top guests including voice actress of 400+ voices Monica Rial, Jessica Calvello, LittleKuriboh, MasakoX and many more guests still be announced!

Voice Actress Monica Rial has voiced in over 100 titles which include Panty and Stocking (Stocking), Tsubasa Chronicles (Sakura), Fullmetal Alchemist (May Chang/Lyra), Soul Eater (Tsubaki Nakatsukasa), Black Butler (Mei-Rin), High School of the Dead (Shizuka Marikawa), DBZ (Bulma) and many more! She has also acted as an ADR script writer on over a dozen titles such as Fairy Tale and FMA.

Jessica Calvello, has been in over 50 series including Excel in Excel Saga, Nanael in Queen’s Blade, Kanako Miyamae in Maria Holic, Zoe Hange in Attack on Titan and Honey Kisaragi in New Cutey Honey, and internet sensation LittleKuriboh being just highlights amongst many many more big announcements to come!

Meanwhile LittleKuriboh and MasakoX are best known for their voice-roles with DBZ Abridged, Yu Gi Oh Abridged and many more.

Alcon will have events and activities going on from 10am in the morning through to 3am at night, including a dealers room, anime screenings, anime bar and night-club, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming room, another room for retro-gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing, J-Culture, Cosplay Hangout, events, panels and much more, there is something for everyone, with more special events than you can shake a stick (of pocky) at!