“What a cool, new, shiny story from the marvel universe”, those were my initial thoughts when I began to read the latest issue in the new avengers series. Cover art is outstanding, and the art work throughout the comic itself is no different, front to back graphic perfection in my eyes, and I will be looking into more of Dustin Weavers works promptly as a result. The first page, using the “previously in avengers” I am very impressed with the level of effort put into this series,  from everyone involved in its creation. Thank you all for bringing the universes most astounding superheroes to life! I love the way the SFX jump right off the page as they break out of there ‘balloons, in a similar way to how the Hulk charges at us with speedlines professionally mastered to give an even more effective action sequence, that the big guy is no stranger too, of course.

So on with the plot and this kid’s been star branded, he seems harmless enough at first until he blasts the Hulk clean off the planet, sending him hurtling into space! The gang are involved in yet more intergalactic trouble, and it seems as though there is alot more to come. This is most definitely one to watch! By now you’ve probably got a good idea of how far marvel comics have gone to give us such an exciting reading experience. I have to refer back to the SFX, as they have really blown me away with a great big “BABOOM! “ They have gotten the attention that they really deserve, and that attention to detail has paid off in mass amounts to give us a true marvel masterpiece, with the SFX being handled with just as much care as the plot, lettering and artwork.

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The panel work is ever changing in the most interesting of ways; making it impossible to know what might come next, and when I’m reading I like to be kept guessing about both the plot itself and visually from panel to panel.

Quite simply, avengers #8 ticks all the boxes for me, and there is no doubt in my mind that the coming additions will live up to it’s already glowing reputation. The new look of the team mates works well too, following the likes of planet hulk , among some of the other solo comics of recent years, as well as their success from the blockbuster films that have really defined them in the eyes of the public! But I cannot deny that their new image, is not only improved to fit in with our ever changing and complex world and even universe, but it also defines them as the heroes they are in this place and time, and more importantly the justice they represent as the universes most powerful unit.

The avengers symbol “A”, puts me in mind of the x men’s symbolic and unforgettable “x” and is equally as powerful, further establishing them as one of the best teams in not just the marvel universe; but in comic history itself. The Avengers initiative is going to continue growing with the times, with nothing but the best in all areas of its development.

By Dylan “montu” Butcher.




Jonathon Hickman


Dustin Weaver

Colour artist:

Justin Poncer


Vc’s Cory Petit

Cover art:

Dustin Weaver and Justin Poncer

Variant cover art:

Daniel Acuna

Assistant editor:

Jake Thomas


Tom Brevoort with Lauren Sankovitch

Editor in chief:

Axel Alonso

Chief creative officer:

Joe Quesada


Dan Buckley

Executive producer:

Alan Fine