the glossy cover adds to it’s appeal, a comic that we’ve all been waiting for, but was it worth the anticipation?… The answer is yes, it does seem to be taking a strange and maybe even a little bit of a confusing route into unknown territory but ultimately it is a completely new look at the 2 heroes as their world’s collide and they cross paths under entirely different circumstances!

Let’s begin by addressing the artwork <which is a joint effort> by Jae Lee and Ben Oliver, as it is so unique! It entertains your sensabilities and is a refreshing change to the contemporary comic-art that you generally view when reading titles from “the new 52’s“. The whole comic is visually like a Tim Burton film, and although at times it is dark, dreary and definitely detached!… It oozes with gothic romanticism, with art-nouveau inspired fluency in the overall artwork, including architecture and panel design which creates a wondrous effect. Smallville is filled with yellow, Metropolis with blue, Gotham with black and grey.

As a whole the comic is rather short and keeps you guessing, asking yourself what? How? and Why? By the end of the issue, but I have to say the timing for me is all in the art and design, panels and layout as they are so beautiful to look at you will want to go back for more! The SFX are inspired and well placed, packing a superman-swung punch with every “KRA-THOOM!” thrown at you!

batmansuperman#1 mid shot

Gotham city, Metropolis and Smallville all play important parts in the plot, and have been portrayed in ways that purposefully remind you of the significance these places have had in shaping Kent and Wayne’s existence’s. Set in the early days of bats and supes, Clark Kent is visiting Gotham on behalf of the daily star, chasing up a story on the murder’s of three Wayne enterprise employees. Meanwhile, the world’s in which they are from collide, Catwoman is unexpectedly teleported to Metropolis as Batman is investigating the murder’s that took place there. Superman swoops in on the action and sees Batman as a threat… Things start to kick off, strange things are happening and not all is as it seems, the only guy with his head screwed on and his wits about him now is Batman, and who better than the world’s greatest detective to be the one to try an make sense of all this madness?

There is no doubt that things will pull together and begin to make more sense as the story progresses. This 1st issue will give you some insight into the things you can expect from the comic, and it will leave you asking a lot of questions… But it’s worth it for the journey DC has in store for us.

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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