Ever wanted your name in a book under special thanks, or a unique cover limited to 20, maybe an original piece of art from the book. Well you have that chance now.

Alex de Campi and Jimmy Broxton are raising funds for their graphic novel. You can pledge different amounts and receive certain incentives for doing this. Pledges range from $1 all the way to to $10,000.


Alex de Campi has written creator-owned graphic novels for IDW, Tokyopop, and Humanoïdes (in France), plus stories for Dark Horse and an issue of Batman that DC has yet to publish. Her music videos for acts as diverse as Amanda Palmer, Black Francis, Los Campesinos!, Art Brut and the Puppini Sisters have been shown everywhere from SXSW to onedotzero.

Jimmy Broxton is an artist who has drawn or inked on countless well known titles, including (but not limited to) Knight and Squire, Batman, Catwoman, Lucifer, Spider-man, The Unwritten, Daredevil, and Detective Comics.

Here are a few select ones


Limited Reward of 500

Beautiful hardback limited edition of ASHES, out of a one-time-only numbered print run of 1,000. This may be the ONLY time the book is ever printed, and it is ONLY available to Kickstarter participants. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! If there is a trade edition it will ship at least 6 months after this one. Plus you receive the serialised digital edition too! (And a hug.) We ship these books free, to anywhere.


Limited Reward of 50

A signed and dedicated colour galley proof from the book. Each proof is a unique page; there are no doubles. Plus the limited hardback edition, signed and dedicated to the reader by both Alex and Jimmy, and the digital, serialised version and the hug.

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


More info here