BEDLAM #6.  If you’re into millenium, and all that paranormal, religious FBI thriller type stuff then chances are you will love Bedlam! “Is evil just something you are or something you do?“… That is the ultimate question! Published by Image, it’s creators have worked together very effectively to bring us this intriguing tale of horror, cult associated murder, faith related serial killing’s and the real and the surreal alike.

The highlight of the comic for me has got to be the trigger happy, machine gun swingin’ angel of death (who is naked and seems to be a unic!) who’s ripping into everyone with a smile and no remourse! On the other side of the mirrored glass a man sits chatting with a short, elderly gentleman who at first glance seems nice enough; he is wearing the all too familiar orange threads so it becomes obvious that he is a prison inmate, and as the story unfolds we come to realise that he is in fact the father, though not biologically but in a religious sense, of the murderous angel… And so the plot thickens! In a race against time to stop the angel from killing any more innocent people, the mystery man “Fillmore”, who is merely helping the FBI to do their job, sits sipping water, trying to reason with the cult leader/ peadophile priest in an attempt to come to an arrangement of sorts to get this sicko to call off his killing machine of a son. It is clear that it is all in a day’s work for this negotiator, and he has got alot more to do with the story than meets the eye. We are left on a brilliant cliffhanger too which I won’t give away, at the end of a vital puzzle piece of an edition to an all round great series… I would highly reccommend it to any mature comic fan!


The storyline couldn’t flow any better if it tried, and the timing is perfect for the progression of this religious crime drama. It will have you questioning absolutely everything as though you’re a detective working a case, slowly unveiling the home truth’s behind the horror that is “Bedlam”.

Artwork by Riley Rossmo is inspirational, the dark, rough cut sketchy stylings work beautifully with all other elements, giving the whole thing an air of chaos and really show us the storylines truest potential, making every degree of sinister enjoyable! The artistry behind the characters eyes give a very real sense of unrest and invoke feelings in the reader that make the story all the more gripping from start to finish. I espiecally enjoyed the sound effects, the TAT-TAT-TAT of the machine gun has both a creative touch and important use in the telling of this story.

By Dylan montu Butcher 😀

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