The Birmingham Comics Festival takes great pleasure in announcing its first guest to the world at large – The internationally acclaimed artist, painter and sculptor, Lucio Parillo – noted for his work on Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Vampirella among others.

“This is a first in so many ways,” said the festival’s organisers. “The Birmingham Comics Festival is thrilled that the Italian artist Lucio Parillo will be making his first ever UK appearance in our city and doubly so that he chose a show which will be making its own debut in 2015 to do so; and that’s why his name is the first – of so many talented folk we’ve got attending – that we’re making public!”

Drawing upon a schooled appreciation of classical art and utilising modern art techniques and tools where appropriate Lucio Parillo is able to portray sensuality, power, grace and danger in his work; sometimes delicately restrained, at others in an exaggerated hyper-fantastique manner, but always looking simply awesome!

“I personally first encountered Lucio at the 2011 Malta Comic Convention,” Time Bomb Comics publisher Steve Tanner recalled, “Where, over the course of the weekend, he produced a quite extraordinary painting of the Hulk captured mid-transformation whilst behind his table, all done in between chatting with attendees and conducting workshops.”

That remarkable achievement is shown above, and fans can look forward to sharing similar firsthand experiences at The Birmingham Comics Festival, an event which Lucio himself has expressed that he’s “really excited about”, graciously seeing it as “an opportunity” to meet with his UK fans on 18th April next year where he will also be signing limited editions of what will be his latest art book.

Lucio Parillo Biography:

Lucio Parillo’s began his career some 15 years ago in his native Italy, where work within magazines such as Città, Color, and Lanciostory or the newspaper Il Cavatore may be unknown to Anglophiles, although they may have come across his work without quite being aware of it, for in the last decade he has painted, and produced interior art and character designs for video and role playing games such as Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering, the latter also being one of the
companies he illustrated trading cards for while also producing interior work for Dungeons & Dragons books.

Meanwhile, his comics work began appearing across Europe in Germany, France, Italy and Sweden as he crafted graphic novels such as L’Empire Eternel and One Shot for Soleil Productions and produced art for pan-continental publishers such as Panini. More recently his work has begun causing a sensation among the English speaking peoples, with Lucio being sought by major USA publishers including Marvel Comics to produce art for The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Dead Pool, Death’s Head, The Siege, What if? and Thor, an extensive range of covers for Dynamite featuring Red Sonja, Vampirella, Tarzan and John Carter: Warlord of Mars among others, as well as work for Heavy Metal Magazine and SKP Art Books.

The Birmingham Comics Festival on Saturday 18th April 2015 will mark the debut appearance of the acclaimed artist Lucio Parillo at a UK comics related event.

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