Billed as “Blackpool Comic Con 2015 promises to be the most highly awaited UK Comic Con for this year.” it seems it was far from that.

As of writing this their facebook page has been deleted allegedly due to onslaught of critical posts, why do this? It just makes you look more guilty. There is even a facebook page opened aptly named “Did Blackpool Comic Con 2015 Fail  the fans” which has gathered 659 members already. I have never seen a dedicated fan page to berate a convention before, even the shambles of LFCC by the sounds of this con it makes LFCC look like the most perfect con in the country.

I have berated conventions in the past, and rightly so, they were poorly run, they billed guests. Come meet “Jabba the Hutts tail controller” but Blackpool didnt, they had some good guests BUT just having guests isnt enough these days.

You need organisation, great communication and dont be greedy. Dont oversell your location, plan the event from a fans point of view. I would assume that the organisers were fans at one point. Fans like communication, if a guest cancels let the fans know asap, so they dont have to carry that 5kg sword that they want signed around with them. Just treat them like paying customers as they rightly should be.

Now i didnt go to Blackpool Comic Con, (oh the irony when you have 7 guests in the comic section but I have flogged that to one to death) but the feedback coming down my facebook feed made me want to take a look at what all the fuss was about.

This is what I can gather from the event this year. Please note these are allegedly, I was not there so cannot comment any further

What went wrong

Poorly run

Lack of communication for both guests who didnt know where they were going and fans. No directions or even a floor plan was available

Really long Qs to get in as well as requing to get in, horror stories emerging concerning popping outside and then having to reQ to get in.

Some of the cars apparently coming never turned up, advertised were  Batman TV and Film series, from Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, and Bond. Batman, Ghostbuster, Harry Potter or Bond cars didnt show. Not the fault of the owners of these cars.

Over Crowded

Lack of knowledge from the volunteers helping.

Health and Safety Issues


These are just a few of the issues I have managed to pull together.

What the future holds?

A 2016 Blackpool Con? Hmmm swiftly moving on


What can BCC do?

Assess what was good and bad and rectify. A great example of this was LSCC, in their 1st year there were complaints about the Quing and time taken to get your tickets, what did they do? Well the next year they changed their system, had many more people dealing with the Q and handing out your lanyard so when the doors opened you just walked straight in. Perfect, a great response to fans complaints.

Communicate with your fans, without your fans you will nothing.

In all honestly with the amount of complaints, which I have never seen this many maybe call it quits and give up the convention game. Its not for everyone.


Please note these are allegations made from fans attending the convention, the writer of this post did not attend and has only garnished allegations from numerous sources.

We have contacted BCC for a response.


A statement of sorts from the organiser










This has since been deleted from his timeline.

Apparently from a good friend of Luke’s (the organiser) take this with a pinch of salt, we dont know if she really is good friends

Allegations are flying around, charging VAT and not being VAT registered.

Reece Ryan “Hey. Just wanted to say that I’m not an organiser. Nothing to do with the running of the show. I hosted the Cosplay Comp during the day – arrived at 10am left at 6pm – interacted with the cosplayers (who looked amazing). And my involvement began and ended there. Have a great day.”

Reece Ryan was hired to host the cosplay event as stated, those wishing to complain this isnt the person to do so. He was hired.

I would share a few comments from fans but there are too many, but you can check them out here.


The situation of the volunteers not knowing any information is true BUT and I stress BUT to no fault of their own. When writing the initial piece I had a sneaking suspicion that this could be the case with all that has happened.

I will let this volunteer explain in her own words