Comic Conventions UK is proud to reveal that the newest star guest for Edinburgh Comic Convention 2016 is… Brad Walker!


Brad’s incredibly detailed artwork on the adventures of iconic heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Justice League and Green Lantern, as well as notorious villain Thanos, has been hugely popular with fans and critics alike and it is an exciting coup for ECC to announce his attendance over the weekend of 2-3 April.

This new addition to an already exciting guest list is yet another indication of ECC’s rocketing growth in only three years.  Each convention is bigger and bolder than the year before, a statement proved by the relocation of the convention from its former location in Potterrow to the impressive, multi-million pound Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Morrison Street, not far from the Haymarket Station.


The comic guest list this year is unmatched by any other con in Scotland.  The dazzling guest list of artists have drawn pretty much every major character in comicbooks, from Spider-Man to Superman, from Batman to X-Men, as well as major movie franchises like Star Wars, Planet of the Apes and Transformers.  Even if your tastes are less mainstream, there are illustrious indie creators like Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects) and Chris Burnham (Nixon’s Pals).


The media guests are equally top notch and have appeared in so many of the world’s most famous and successful films and TV properties that they cannot be easily listed. A partial list would include Star Wars, Star Trek, 24, the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises, Game of Thrones, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Doctor Who.  There will also be some top cosplayers from across the country in attendance.

As you can see, the guest list is imaginative and caters for all.  Head over to the Hero Conventions’ website for a comprehensive listing to get a full flavour of ECC’s embarrassment of riches!