The Inaugural IAFD Comic Con has been announced and what a line up, we have received an exclusive from the organisers on what we can expect from this convention. what we have been told is this will be the 1st 4 day comic convention to be held in the UK. The date is the 4th to the 8th of April 2014, the location is undecided, but a large venue in London is probably the most likely.

Headline Guests include

All guests below have signed exclusive contract and will be signing anything that is placed in front of them. Well anything as long as they had something to do with it

Robert Kirkham
Charlie Adlerd
Jim Lie
Alan More
Grant Morison
Frank Quitly
Brian Bemis
Mark Baglay
Warren Eliis
Ed Brubakar
Neil Gayman
Frank Millar
Mark Waide
Mat Fraction
Joss Weadon
Kevin Smithe
Jason Mews

Plus many more to come.

All signatures will be FOC and unlimited comics can be signed. The artists and writers have signed an exclusive contract to be able to facilitate this.

Publishers that will also be present, and this is confirmed are as follows

Top Cowe
Marval – apparently bringing over their main booth that they have a San Diego Comic Con.
Inage – Where Kirkham and Adlerd will be signing all 4 days

Tickets will be available very soon but we can revel that there will be an excellent range.

VIP Platinum Passes – Not sure of the cost but these are very limited. Grants access to every guest in priority line. Grants access to panels were seats are reserved for you. You will also be given a buddy so that you can place in a Q should you wish to get a sketch done from an artist. It will also include a gold and platinum ticket. The gold ticket can be only used once and this will let you jump the Q at any artists table. The platinum ticket allows you a free sketch/commission of an artist of your choice.

There are other available tickets but we do not have those details yet.

The goodie bags we have been told are the best you are ever going to see, they will include amongst other things the following

Mint Walking Dead #1 Reprint exclusive for IAFD
Exclusive T Shirt
20 Various Issue 1 from Image plus many more items.

More info to come later on in the year.