Bristol Comic Expo

Date(s): May 12th -13th 2012

Location: Brunels Old Station, Bristol

Guests include:

  • Denny O’Neil
  • Paul Cornell
  • Boo Cook
  • Simon Bisley
  • Paul Green
  • David Hine

Price for admission: TBA


Why you should visit this convention

The Bristol Expo has attracted, in previous years, some of the cream of the UK comic industry.  Amongst the attendees have been the likes Dave Gibbons, Doug Braithwaite, Charlie Adlard, John Higgins, Simon Bisley and Bryan Talbot.  The whole convention has a very laid back feel, stark contrast to the larger, less personable conventions such as Kapow and the MCM events.  There is a true feeling that everyone is actually there to celebrate the industry rather than run the corporate treadmill and many of the guests are often found in the Ramada bar socialising with the (relatively) normal people in attendance.  The event in 2012 returns to its roots at the Old Station which is quite possibly one of the most convenient venues for travel in the country and uses the very nearby hotel to hold some of the events.