First off, the obvious one: why hold such an event in Newcastle?

I don’t think there are any big comic events between Leeds and Scotland (and I think the biggest one there is Hi-Ex right up in Inverness), and it just seemed like there was a lot of comics activity going on in the North East and it seemed like a good idea to try and bring it all together

Although it is early days, what do you envisage as the end result, what will be your focus?

A little bit of everything really – indie small press stuff, some big mainstream names, some interesting talks and panels, some workshops – including fun stuff for kids. Something for everyone.

Do you have any guests signed up, or at least in principle or early agreements?

Yep, confirmed guests here:

An event like this is a big undertaking, do you have any help or sponsorship?

Nope! It’s basically me and a few awesome friends, and no money is involved, just blood sweat and tears! Newcastle City Library, who are hosting it, have been brilliantly supportive, and all the guests and folk involved in putting it on are doing it for the love of comics!

Long term plans…

We’ll see how this one goes first! It was always planned as a toe in the water, to see if it’s a feasible thing. There may be more, but we aren’t committing to anything just yet

And finally…why should we come and support you?

Because if you’re into comics – in any way at all – we’ll almost certainly have something to interest you. And it’s all FREE!

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So, there you have it, an opportunity in the North East to go along and support your free local comic convention and meet some excellent artists and writers in the process.  Did we mention it was free?