Well, considering that this event managed to clash with Super Comic Con, a Welsh Rugby International and Cardiff City in a cup final, all taking place in London, it was extremely well attended indeed.  All in all a thousand tickets pre-sold and there were more added at the weekend due to demand.  It seemed that London wasn’t to be the be all and end all that weekend.

Mike Allwood as you’d expect from a man of such considerable experience organised a great, friendly and fun two day event.

Saturday was a day of cosplay and Manga with Sunday being dominated by Dr. Who, with one of the Doctors (None other than COLIN BAKER) being in residence.

There was plenty of retail stores, sketching , signing, panels, talks and general comic mayhem for those of us that don’t look good in Lycra and or a wig.

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A considerable number of talented artists and writers had been gathered by Mike, no mean feat given what was going on in London.  The two main comic related headliners were the legendary MIKE PLOOG and JOHN HIGGINS, both men being surprisingly easy to approach and talk with.  The strong contingent of artists went from veterans such as  MIKE McMAHON, JOHN M. BURNS and MIKE COLLINS to the younger talents of DYLAN TEAGUE and BEN OLIVER.

There was also plenty of small press in attendance, with Corvus press’s new CO2, London Horror Comics new releases by JOHN-PAUL KAMATH and “The Swansea Comic Collective” all making good impressions.

The highlights of the expo for me being the HAWKMAN pencil and ink drawing on A4 by the ridiculously talented JOHN WATSON, and a great talk by RUSSELL PAYNE on behalf  of the JACK KIRBY MUSEUM.

As Russell said:

“If you don’t know KIRBY”,

“you don’t know JACK!”

And to quote the great STAN “THE MAN” LEE…NUFF SAID !