London Super Comic Convention 2015 announced

One of the first and most important dates of the convention calendar year was announced last night.  The London Super Comic Convention is returning to the ExCel Centre on the 14th and 15th March next year.

The London Super Comic Convention, or LSCC as it has become conveniently known, was famous for flying in the uber-legend, Stan Lee, to the very first convention and has since seen a slew of top US stars, not to mention some big UK based names grace the convention floors.  The big selling point for LSCC is that unlike other huge scale “Comic Cons” such as the MCM events, it is a genuine “Comic Con” in the true sense of the word, focusing on the creators working in the comic industry rather than conveniently tagging the name on for credibility reasons.

For the first time this year, another large convention in the form of the London Film and Comic Convention brought in some big creators, including bringing Stan Lee back.  It will be interesting to see in the coming months if the organisers at LSCC can up the ante again for its fourth year running.

LSCC 2014 – The summary

For ourselves, LSCC 2014 is the first real con we genuinely look forward to at the start of the year and their third outing to date didn’t fail to impress. Everything about the event seemed more polished this year than the last two, as if the organisers genuinely take on board the comments and criticisms that fans put out over the interweb and set about to address them.  The lack of a megastar, Adams excepted, was thought by many beforehand to mean a quieter convention but it certainly didn’t feel like it, if anything the vibe was much better than last year and things seemed to flow more smoothly.  It was a shame that flight trouble meant Adams didn’t get there until late on the first day but these are unforeseen problems that the organisers have no control over, like Ezquerra the previous year.


The vast majority of creators were fantastic, really enthusiastic and inspiring and readily engaged with the audience.  Some notable heroes were the ever-entertaining Chaykin, who seems to have a story about everything, John Layman who was incredibly humble and Mark Texeira who was shocked that so many people wanted to meet and get something from him.  Jonathon Ross is also a notable ambassador for the comic book format and it’s great to see him at the convention too.  This highlights the fact that many fans are hungry for the creators that aren’t necessarily megastars in the US but rarely travel outside of their country.  Jansen last year was like a rabbit in headlights at times for the same reason.

The layout of the show was, in my opinion, much better again than the last couple of years, separating the artists was a good move and made the show seem more coherent.  There was plenty of cosplay, which was well embraced this time round by the organisers and catered for with some professionals.


I don’t want to criticise as it was such a good weekend it would be unfair, but being as the people behind it seem to listen, there is one thing I’d like to see more of and that’s creators from outside the UK.  I know they probably bring in more overseas creators than all the other cons (save Thoughtbubble maybe? Answers on a postcard…), but you can’t have too many in our opinion.  Not that we don’t love our local contingent, we truly do, but it’s nice to bring in more of a mix rather than see the same names again and again.  A less famous creator from the states is a much bigger star here (Texeira was a prime example, bring him back!) and will bring lots more of the true comic fans out.

Not only is LSCC maturing into a fantastic event, it also brings everyone out and is a great excuse to meet up with friends.  Well done to the organisers for responding as they have.  Roll on LSCC 2015.

Art Adams

Art Adams

Mike Grell

Mike Grell

Mark Texeira

Mark Texeira


Treasure Hunt 2014 @ LSCC Kids only folks

A message for all you parents going to LSCC this weekend and bringing their kids. My son aged 10 has organised, in conjunction with LSCC a kids treasure. There will be 50 maps on Saturday and 50 on Sunday available with clues leading you around the venue. Each clue represents a letter and those letters spell out one of my sons favourite characters.

Once completed you can collect your goodie bag from a designated collection point.

More will be explained on the map.

Finally in a few days it has arrived

Well that time again of the year has arrived and this weekend fans will descend on the Excel centre for the 3rd London Super Comic Con. With a fresh line up of guests and publishers. More exhibitors and small press than last year, dont forget our very own editor here at Comic Conventions, Neil has a booth. Head over to Fly comics and grab yourself a copy.

Exclusives are there also available on the day

Time to dig out your want list and go hunting.

See you all there an enjoy the weekend.

LSCC time soon…..

Well VIP tickets are now sold out….. the largest collection of comic talent is soon to descend on Excel.

Complete list of guests so far

Peter David
Dave Gibbons
Peter Milligan
Jonathan Ross
Ethan Van Sciver
Michael Dialynas
Ian Edginton
Robin Furth
Mike Grell
Gianluca Gugliotta
Peter Hogan
David Lloyd
Paolo Pantelena
Marco Santucci
Steve Scott
Mark Texeira
Billy Tucci
Max Brooks
Jacen Burrows
Neil Edwards
Lee Garbett
Andy Lanning
Yanick Paquette
Jamie Tyndall
John Watson
JK Woodward
Chrissie Zullo
Ian Churchill
Katie Cook
Alan Davis
Mark Farmer
Adi Granov
Roger Langridge
John Layman
Dan Slott
Tom Palmer
Brian Wood
Arthur Adams
Charlie Adlard – Signing at A place in Space table throughout the weekend.
Mark Buckingham
Howard Chaykin
Joyce Chin
Frank Cho
Mike Collins
Gary Frank
Sean Phillips
Chris Weston

List of Publishers

Archaia Entertainment
Avatar Press
Boom! Studios
Panini Comics
Titan Comics
Zenescope Entertainment

1st major convention of the season.

For more details

and tickets