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CCTVYLLE: PRELUDE ISSUE 00 – COMIC REVIEW. CCTVYLLE is inspired by a dream that its creator, Gianluca Bonomo had a few years back. Prepare to venture into an unsettling version of reality as we are introduced to this exciting new comic with a larger than usual, limited-edition issue which immediately puts things into motion. A […]


CCTVYLLE: PRELUDE ISSUE ONE – COMIC REVIEW. CCTVYLLE’s issue 00 of the comics Prelude mini-series paved the way for this long awaited first issue, back in 2014, and the mystery is more engrossing than ever. There are strong implications that this is more than just a rebellion, but a Hunger-Games type revolution in the making, […]


Luca, your inspiration for the CCTVYLLE came from a dream you had as you have already informed us of in the prelude comic… Can you please elaborate on this? I am a fervid dreamer, I often have visually complex and surreal dreams, this one occurred sometime in 2010. I woke up that morning and I […]


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