CCTVYLLE is inspired by a dream that its creator, Gianluca Bonomo had a few years back. Prepare to venture into an unsettling version of reality as we are introduced to this exciting new comic with a larger than usual, limited-edition issue which immediately puts things into motion.H.211b_lowRes-copyright
A Right-Wing Government has created hybrid birds, with security cameras for heads, which are able to survey the city of London from whatever perch they choose. The tale takes the idea of Big-Brothers prying eyes to a place of pure originality with never before seen creatures, which will surely induce fear in bird-feeders at Trafalgar-Square, and pedestrians, everywhere. If these guys can go to extremes such as these and get away with it, then don’t they already have the upper hand? And if so, then where do we go from here?
We must follow Damien, the comic’s street-wise protagonist, down the rabbit hole as he continues to have terrific visions of what could well become a reality. Left feeling paranoid and violated by a series of troubling events he knows he must take action to escape the corruption being forced upon, not only himself and his friends, but on society as a whole. We are introduced to Sean, the hooded hero, who stays close to Damien throughout and is a key player in the story. However, there is more than meets the eye about these two characters, and we can expect to unveil more secrets from beneath Sean’s blue hood, and from within the psychic mind of Damien, as the story unfolds.
With impeccable timing throughout, CCTVYLLE is a captivating read. The art by, Salvatore Porcaro and, Gianluca Bonomo is as intimate and expressive as every character, and the colours add a depth of moodiness to an already dark and edgy tale. Put all of these elements together and the pieces fit perfectly, but plot-wise, this cryptic puzzle is far from being deciphered.

We have been given the rare opportunity to be a part of Bonomo’s wonderful vision, as the horrific live-hybrid surveillance system stalks us all from above. We know just one thing for certain, that this is only the beginning, and we need answers… Welcome to CCTVYLLE, civilians.

By Dylan Butcher.

The CCTVYLLE crew:
Gianluca Bonomo.
Diego Blanda.
Salvatore Porcaro.
Deborah Allo.
Daniel Lloyd.
Chiara Mangiaforte.