CCTVYLLE’s issue 00 of the comics Prelude mini-series paved the way for this long awaited first issue, back in 2014, and the mystery is more engrossing than ever. There are strong implications that this is more than just a rebellion, but a Hunger-Games type revolution in the making, against the right-wing government and their eyes in the sky. The mother of all surveillance systems is bound to cause unrest but as with any invention it is the men behind it which we should fear. There are only two options when going up against such a monumental threat against society which our hero, Sean makes clear in his conquest… Fight or flight.
CCTVYLLE: PRELUDE 01 has been executed to such a professional standard that it could be mistaken for a Dark-Horse or Avatar comic. The fact that it has been self-published by author, Gianluca Bonomo under his own label, Holy Loft Productions, makes it all the more special. The tight crew of creators continue to make CCTVYLLE a highly original and unique experience as its entire body of work is an artistic statement in both artwork and script.

While Sean remains in custody and Damien is yet to be seen, we discover how the two protagonists first met. This issue focuses, primarily, on Sean’s viewpoint and sparks an interest in the character’s and their motivations. Scriptwriter, Diego Blanda, has surpassed all expectation by successfully writing a comic that sticks to the overall plot, but perhaps more importantly, focuses on the relationships between the characters… A vital factor if the global success of The Walking Dead is anything to go by. As the plot progresses, at a digestible pace, the suspense builds at a dizzying rate and explodes into a climax that marks the arrival of CCTVLLE in all its visceral glory.
Bonomo imagines a society which the modern world, with its growing security measures and technological advancements, can place within the realm of possibility. Set in London, somewhere in a foreseeable future, the City echoes that of the current metropolis as we know it, but with the addition of hybrids, who stalk the skies and street corners, unsettles the familiar sites and settings to give an air of menace and paranoia. The protagonist’s and their enemies are so well executed that we can appreciate and hate in equal measures throughout this mini-series.
Bonomo’s decision to keep the comic at a slightly larger scale, to avoid any alteration to the quality of the work, is a creative choice which continually proves to be successful. The artwork by both, Salvatore Porcaro, and, Luca Bonomo has been tirelessly sketched by hand, coloured by tablet, and even features some discreet photographic details which give a heightened sense of reality. Additionally, there is no one aspect of this comic that screams for further attention and all those involved in its creation deserve the utmost applause in their ongoing efforts.

By Dylan Butcher.

The CCTVYLLE crew:
Gianluca Bonomo.
Diego Blanda.
Salvatore Porcaro.
Daniel Lloyd.
Chiara Mangiaforte.