We have been very busy behind the scenes and am excited to announce that Comic Conventions UK will be acting in partnership with Desert Wind Comics from Las Vegas in the UK. What does this mean?

Well Desert Wind Comics (DWC) is a registered CGC facilitator in the USA. This means that they can accept comics for CGC grading both blue label and yellow label. The one we as most interested in is the yellow label also know as Signature Series (SS).

The problem that we have living in the UK is that a lot of the creators do not come to the UK, although LSCC seem to be dealing with that issue. So how do we get our comics either CGC’d, signed or into SS. Well we have to wait for them to come over here.


The cost for an individual to send 1 comic to the US for a signing is a lot.

Therefore the solution was to have a central base of operation in the UK for DWC. This means that we can mail over in bulk the comics and reduce the costs dramatically for the consumer.

For example

DWC has a private signing with John Romita Snr. If you were yourself to send one comic over to the USA for this signing and into the SS the cost would be as follows.

£40 ($60) for CGC grading and signature

£28.30 ($45) shipping to get the book to DWC

£45 ($70) Return Postage from USA

So in all you are in for in excess of £100 for just one comic.


Should you wish to come through ourselves we have calculated that with a minimum of 10 comics going for grading, or even just for the signature this cost would work out at the most £70.

What does this include?

Postage to the US, CGC grading and signature, postage back to the UK and postage direct to yourself. This does not include postage to ourselves in the UK.

It also includes insurance on the comics, both in transit and also on location at Comic Conventions.

Should you have a very expensive comic please contact ourselves and we can liaise with DWC, as our insurance might not cover the value of your comic.


Please note this is very niche and new there is no other service in the UK like it, please feel fee to contact ourselves in respect to this via email dominic@comicconventions.co.uk