I know that this event isn’t strictly a “comic” convention but this year’s Collectormania came very close and was a lot of fun for both my family and friends too!  We went to enjoy the stalls and other sights mainly, although I did catch a glimpse of some of the celebrities and sportsmen too including Gillian Anderson, Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk! ), Charles Dance, Malcolm McDowell and many, many more… We arrived early on the Saturday and although it was busy, the virtual queuing system seemed to speed things along so that people could see their favourite celebs without having to wait for too long.  My initial thoughts as we entered the football stadium where the event took place was:  A)Where are all the stalls? And B) They’re not utilizing the space as well as they could have done.  As we looked down on the empty football pitch, the players were just running onto the pitch to begin their training!  The first few yards as we proceeded around the stadium were just celebrity booths and tables for the virtual queuing system, and we were all hesitant about whether or not we would actually see any stalls at all! And then relief as we were greeted by numerous goods, friendly and eager sellers and excited visitors hunting for a bargain and interesting memorabilia! Personally I had great fun in rummaging through plastic boxes with my five year old twin daughters Ruby and Lily, looking at all of the old figures from the ’90’s that I was lucky enough to own as a young boy!-mostly wrestlers and He-Man!- So for me the whole thing was very nostalgic, and I believe that this plays a very important part in most people’s live’s.  Just seeing my kids getting the same joy as I once did from the toys that I once had, made the whole day a very rewarding experience for me!

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The stalls consisted of large canvasses at bargain prices, figurines, some very nice statues at prices cheaper than those on Amazon, and other retail outlets-I have put a link to some of these sellers sites at the bottom of the page, so you can go check them out for yourselves!  There was a weaponry stall with a very long glass cabinet filled with everything from replica Riddick claws, to Mad Max swords and loads more great weapons and memoribilia!  The custom made cushion covers with cushions were cool, we picked out a black and red marvel heroes one, and I had to buy a big superman-art canvas for my baby boy Damian’s room!-a bargain at 15 quid!- It was nice to see “Trekkies” and other groups coming together to raise money for charity, and there was a raffle. We eventually got round to a comic stall, and the thing that really stood out was the selection of 1st prints and variant covers… mostly DC.

As you can see from some of our snap-shots, my daughters went as Hulk and Iron Man! And they really got involved with the cos-players at the event… especially the guy playing Thor who looks like he came straight from Asgard, and the Ghostbusters with their amazing, heavy-metal, home-made ghost-busting tech! The radio controlled, full size R2-D2 was a pleasure to watch with all the lights and sounds of the original model! There were storm troopers and even Darth Vader himself, a few classic Dr Who “doctor’s”, Darth maul with film-quality make-up, the predator gave me a death stare when I took a sneeky photo of him standing by the bar! One lady was pulling along a k-9 made from boxes, another lady played Harley Quinn complete with hammer, and there was a teenage girl as Hit-Girl… Even when we left the stadium we were greeted by a gang of some of the most ferociously realistic looking Klingon’s outside of McDonald’s!

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Basically this was a well worth while and fun convention for all those involved in it, and a memorable day out for myself and my friends and family. I can’t wait to see what next year’s got in store for us here in Milton Keynes!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

Collectormania19 festival :Milton Keynes