So not many of you have heard of Japan Comic Aid, they are one of my favourite charities. I even had talks about writing for them, basically they sell comic books (obviously). To raise money for the Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund. They will be selling it at the MCM Expo in London, though I know our readers don’t really attend MCM expos.

So, you can instead pre-order it by contacting them via facebook. They’re about £4 a pop, but really you’re doing a great lot for £4. So you should pick it up! The guys have been having a tough time getting the word, so I think we should all help spread the word a little about this great charity.

The comic is called “The Mystery Boys“. But they also sell a few others, and they’re happy to sign them free of charge of course. You can also pick up the comics from Dead Universe comics, in Aylesbury