Owners of Leamington’s award-winning comic convention are to open a 12 month pop-up comic shop – Spa Town Comics – in The Royal Priors on Saturday the 3rd September 2016.

Spa Town Comics will sell comics and trade paperbacks premier publishers like DC and Marvel, while hoping to introduce Leamington residents to new reads from independent publishers.

Dan Mallier of Spa Town Comics and Leam Comic Con, said: “We can’t wait to give local comic fans the opportunity to buy the comics and collectibles they love in their own town. If we get the same heroic support for our pop-up as we do for our convention, we’re positive Spa Town Comics can become a permanent fixture in Leamington.”
Comic fans can sign-up for subscriptions to order their favourite weekly comics, or purchase back issues thanks to the team’s partnership with Banbury retailer, Comic Connections.

While Spa Town Comics aims to become a one stop shop for avid comic fans, the team will also use their experience and contacts gained from running Leam Comic Con to champion creativity within the industry and support the local community through projects and events.

Lisa-Marie Nelson, of Spa Town Comics, said: “We’ve already got an action-packed agenda of events for comic enthusiasts and families. Launch day will be a real celebration of comics, closely followed by Batman Day on 17th where we’ll be encouraging people to come have their photo taken with Leamington’s professional Batman!”

For news about Spa Town Comics and for its list of events visit facebook.com/spatowncomics or follow them on Twitter @spatowncomics.