We are not comic convention organisers, we list relevant comic-related conventions. Please read the FAQ first, particularly the bit about listing events, before using the form below to contact us. We do not list “comic cons” that do not promote or celebrate comics (i.e. writers, artists, small press).

To list a convention, please complete the information below. Please specifically read the requirements for being listed below regarding the promotion of the comics medium. If your event does not promote comics, we will likely not list you sorry.

You can find us on Twitter @ukcomiccons and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comic-Conventions-UK/268217046543644 . We are particularly interested in small press or comic related press releases, please feel free to send them to us.


We do not list non-comic related events. Please refer to the FAQ below for more information on what we deem acceptable.

Planning to visit a convention

Before making plans, please refer to the relevant organiser’s website to ensure that the information is correct, the listings are not live and have to be manually adjusted on information made available to us from the organisers.  We take no responsibility for external content or incorrect information, please always check and double-check events with the organisers before booking travel or hotels etc.


Q. I want to book a table at one of your conventions

A. We are NOT convention organisers sorry, the site is purely a vehicle to list comic conventions.  Should you wish any more information on a convention, please follow the link through to the relevant website and contact the organisers directly.

Q. I am organising an event or something else comics related and would like to promote it, can you do that?

A. We will run anything we deem interesting to comics fans on the site so please contact us and we may be able to help. A press release is always welcomed.

Q. Will you list one of my events?

A. Sure, as long as it is comic related as a main theme. Referring to your event as a ‘comic con’ does not automatically guarantee a listing. We don’t list sci-fi, film, TV, horror, author, gaming or cosplay conventions; there are other sites that do that much better than us. Occasionally we list events that don’t conform exactly to this ethos, this will involve mutually beneficial agreements and/or blatant favouritism towards friends.

If you are unsure as to whether or not we will list you, please supply us with your intentions surrounding ‘comics‘ in the literal form (i.e. Marvel, DC, Image, Independent, Small press etc.) around your event and we will consider your listing. If you have yet to book guests, please contact us when you have confirmations of comic-related guests before requesting to be listed. Our decision is final, we ask you to please respect it.

Q. Do you list small press events?

A. Yes, we fully encourage independent press. Provided that the event is comic related, either through guests or small press, we are happy to list them.

Q. Can I put a banner on this site?

A. We have a mutual agreement with some convention organisers that serve us equally. We are open to expanding this agreement should the opportunity present itself and the agreement be mutually beneficial.

Q. Are you looking for reviewers or interviewers?

A. Yes and no. We don’t make money so have intention of starting to pay people for site content, however quite a few people have used us over the years to publish reviews, news or interviews for many comic related reasons. I like the open community aspect of the site so if you’d like to contribute, please get in touch. In the early years, two of us would review every convention in the UK, now of course that would be almost physically impossible.

Q. Do you make any money from this site?

A. We don’t charge anyone for a listing, press release or review, this site is purely a labour of love. You may notice some adverts on the site from Google, we have yet to make enough money to pay the hosting costs for one month from these adverts but appreciate people following the links nonetheless.

Q. Can I advertise on this site?

A. We have toyed with it before, but remain to be convinced it’s worth it. Most people who visit the site look at the listing pages. The organisers at ICE put together a referral program for tickets, perhaps this is something to consider? Other organisers offer us table space in exchange for a banner. If you think you have a worthwhile proposition, then please contact us. If you’re Forbidden Planet and want to pay me £1000 a month for a banner on the home page, I’m all ears ?

Q. I have some comics/toys/things to sell/promote, are you interested or do you know anyone interested?

A. No to both sorry. Perhaps try a local comic shop, Ebay or join an enthusiast group on Facebook or similar for advice. I apologise in advance that I won’t reply to these emails.

Q. I sent you an email but you haven’t responded!

A. Sorry.  Generally I reply to as much as I can but I have a stressful day job, a young family, small press work and other commitments. I won’t respond to all emails unless I think they require attention. Sorry again.