I have a choice here: Kapow or a stag do.  I know which of the two I would rather attend yet of course life really isn’t that simple is it?  The line up for Kapow is amazing.  Mark Millar has been quoted as saying he is looking for a similar event to the ultra famous San Diego comic con and to be honest, for a first time, I don’t think he’s doing too bad at all.  With such legends as Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons, Kevin O’Neill and David Lloyd joining the fray along with the likes of Sean Phillips, John McRea and Duncan Fegredo amongst loads of others, you just know it will be well attended.

There are also rumours flying around that the old bastich himself, Simon Bisley will be in attendance but this has yet to be confirmed on the main website.  Normally only a (part time!) attender of Bristol, it will give a much wider range of access to the main man on the streets of London.  Just get there early if you want to see him.

Kapow Comic Con