We all love a good comic convention ran by real comic fans. The poly’s director has been very helpful and is giving full support for the event. And there’s a lot of comic fans in the area, students are particularly keen and they do sell second hand comics in a small shop in Cornwall. But they’re openly looking for advice!

There’s already been some positive feedback over on our facebook page for this one though.

They hope to have a week long event that exhibits comic artists, between the two weekends there will be comic guests, traders and hopefully a few talks.  There is a lot “hopefully” and “maybe” in there, but with essentially one guy running the whole show I think it’s safe to say he’s doing all he can.

It seems the event will likely be in “The Poly” an independent cinema, art gallery and theatre. It looks pretty snazzy! It’s located in Falmouth, a small town in Cornwall, which is also pretty!

They’re really looking for guests that are local to Cornwall, do you have anyone in mind? Anything you’d like to see there? Be sure to comment and we will see what we can do!

Oh, also it will hopefully be next year in Falmouth. You can keep updated through us, we’ll always keep news up to date for you guys!