This one really suprised me.  To be honest, the sales blurb really did not do this for me at all.  I don’t really mind what comics are about provided they entertain me on two levels, the story and the artwork.  I can sometimes even buy into one being weaker than the other and enjoy it nonetheless if there are outstanding biases.  Reading this one though, the art didn’t jump out and the story was something that my wife was more likely to enjoy than me as she reads those Bernard Cornwell novels.  Oddly though, it was my wifes love of the era that made me think about buying it.  So buy it I did.

I was surprised.

The story is about the British forces in France.  It’s lovely in its spitting vitriol for our Gallic cousins, but it is not really the story that is told as such, it’s more from the point of view that the lead character is a pretty nasty Englishman talks directly to the reader.  From a modern day perspective.  I have to say, Ellis has produced a funny, entertaining and enlightening outlook on what must have been a rather dismal time to live.  Is it historically accurate?  Don’t know, maybe I’ll look it up but I know one thing: it’s damn entertaining.