Today MCM released updated details on what we can expect there, they haven’t announced much in terms of guests though.

Let’s break this down into simple sections:


So far, we have Warwick Davis (Again.) Warwick is a great guy, and always a delight. His line last year was really big, so be prepared.
As we all know, Warwick is famous for Star Wars, Harry Potter and a Hitch Hiker’s guide to the galaxy, as well as many more.

Cast from young Dracula
It doesn’t state exactly who in this case. But we’ll keep you posted. I imagine they’re still working on the logistics and details with each actor.

Vic Mignogna
Vic has been in everything from Dragon Ball Z, to Full Metal Alchemist, and everything in between. Including sonic. He’s voiced Iron Man and Wolverine in the past.

He’s also a composer, singer and director.

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Sporty types:

Quite a few of you know me now, so you’ll know that I know sod all about sport, but I’ll try my best: –

Peter Shilton
This gentleman stopped the balls going into the net (Goal keeper)

Mike Summerbee
Right wing/forwarder? Sounds political. No longer plays football.

Tony Book
This chap played “Right back” and also no longer plays football.

Colin Bell
Midfielder, no longer plays football. He attempted to start again after an injury but sadly could not.

Video games!

Visitors will be able to get hands on with Darksiders 2, the much anticipated follow up from Darksiders 1, following the tale of Death, it’s going to be awesome.

Namco will be showing off JRPG Tales of Graces F, which is due for release late August. And finally, Dance Dance Revolution will also be playable.

Anime, Cosplay, Manga

Vic will be hosting a panel on stage, the masquerade will be around again, as always.


Top talent again this year in the Comic Alley. With Antony Johnston, Lee Bradley, John McCrea and many, many more.