We all love sketches from illustrators, obviously.

A lot of people have been asking about who will be charging, who will be free, who will be taking on pre orders etc etc.

So we’ve put up this lovely list for you:

John McCrea:

No Pre-Order sketches due to lack of time, however he may try and fit some sketches in on the weekend during the convention:

Headshot: £20
Full figure: £50
Full detailed sketch, things going on in the background etc: £100

John McCrea Spider-Man











Jimmy Broxton:

Quick sketches: Free! (But he picks the character.)

Jimmy is producing very limited colour sketch book for Kapow (exclusive at the event) which will be on sale at the show.

Colour sketch: £50

Pre-Orders for the colour sketch are welcomed.

Jimmy Broxton Sketch

Duncan Fegredo:

Sadly Duncan will not be sketching at the show, but is openly encouraging people to chat with him.

David Hine:

Some sketches, but no pre orders. He can’t guarantee quality but if you’re nice, then you get a free drawing, woo!

Dave Gibbons:

No Pre-Orders. No comment on price or if he will be sketching at the show.

David Lloyd:

No Pre-Orders, free sketches.

Lee Bradley:

Yes! Pre Orders welcomed:

A4: £20

A3: £60

Lee Bradley Spider-Man Sketch

Shaky Kane:

Pre-Order sketches welcome, £25 each.

“They would make fine tattoos or even dandy in a frame”

Declan Shalvey:

Declan Slavey will be charging £30 for a full figure sketch (Another bargain!)


Pre-Ordering is simple, as we don’t want to broadcast our e-mails or the e-mails of the guests to the caves of the internet, we ask you do it this way:

Step 1: Jump on our facebook page (Like us too, please!?) – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comic-Conventions-UK/268217046543644

Step 2: Leave a wall post telling us who you would like a sketch from

Step 3: We’ll message you either the details or with an e-mail so you can contact them directly.

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