It looks like the great people at Jagex are going to be appearing at MCM London.


This is a great chance to grab some exclusives, the Jagex monsters rarely leave their caves, and it’s even rarer that they actually give stuff to people.


I’ve been playing their games since I was but a wee laddy. And still play “RuneScape”. Now the article posted on their site promises that hardcore players will get some exclusive stuff.


They will also be selling exclusive concept art, special membership, and special T-shirts. MCM just got worth it!

And as if that wasn’t enough, if you e-mail them at “” with your account name you can bag them for free.

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“We’ll be showing off our artist’s skills with live concept art demos, and giving MCM’s visitors a chance to get to grips with the game we all know and love. There will be plenty of Jagex staff on hand for you to meet over the weekend, and RuneScape’s lead designer Mod Mark has promised to make an appearance at some point! It wouldn’t be a Comic Con event without a few giveaways, and among the goodies that’ll go flying into the crowd will be event-exclusive t-shirts for the luckiest and most ardent of RuneScape fans. We’ll also have a RuneScape stand selling some beautiful concept art prints, and we’ll have some RuneScape artists on hand to sign the art. When you visit our stand you’ll be able to snap up a limited number of MCM-exclusive deluxe membership packs, and while you are there you can play some RuneScape or just check in on your social networks, using one of our laptops in the gaming area of the stand.”