Charlie Adlard

Charlie Adlard has been an inspiration for angry artsy teenagers who love zombies everywhere for awhile now. Charlie has worked on 2000AD, Mars Attacks” Shadowman, and of course the Walking Dead.

I was lucky enough to grab a chat with him at Kapow:

CC: (That’s us obviously. Brackets are for my thoughts that I thought I should share with you.)

What happened with Tony Moore and the Walking Dead then? Did you waltz in and take it?

CA: (That’s Charlie Adlard, not California.)

Oh no, no bad blood, he just stopped the project really.

CC: You’re in a band? What are they called again?

CA: “Mine Power Cosmic”, it’s a mix of prog, punk, everything.

(They have kazoos, all of them. And this is not to be confused with “Mind Power Cosmic” which is a feel good blog sort of thing, as I just found out a few minutes ago.)

CC: Who are your favourite characters in the Walking Dead?

CA: I would say Michonne and Andrea, but to draw I really like the older characters like Dale and Douglas

(I should have asked him why Douglas looks like Lenin.)

CC:Been a little bit of talk about the series finishing on conclusion, is that true at all?

CA: No.

(He laughed a bit at this, but it was a straight answer.)

CC: How was it to work with 2000AD?

CA: Loved it, it was completely hassle free, they’re all great guys there. Just yeah, awesome.

CC: Favourite hero?

CA: Asterix, easily.

CC: Favourite villain?

CA: Dr.Doom, there’s just something about him that I really like!

Charlie Adlard will be at N.I.C.E this September, so get your shoes on, he’s a very nice gentleman for a guy who draws rotting bodies.


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