Dan Slott some time ago stated that should “Superior Spiderman 1” go to a 4th printing he would for one day at NYCC go in full cosplay.

The post from his facebook page.

You did this to make me look like an idiot, didn’t you?


Out today:
SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 4th printing
and SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #3 3rd printing!

So a while back (thinking it would NEVER happen) I posted that if you Spider-Fans could get us to a 4th printing on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1…

I’d spend one full day of this October’s New York Comic Con in full cosplay. Well, you bastards did it. Hope you’re happy.

Okay. Let’s hear your suggestions. First off, 2 rules:

1) No DC, Dark Horse, or Image characters. If I have a Marvel panel that day I can’t be flying the other guys’ colors.

2) No gender-swapped or female characters. I’m not that brave.

And this isn’t up for a vote. I’m picking whichever one I like the most.

Oy. Can’t believe I’m doing this…

One last thing…


Seriously. I mean it! THANK YOU for supporting this book! Steve, Ellie, Ryan, Humberto, Giuseppi, Victor, John, Edgar, Antonio, Chris, and myself have all poured a lot of love, time, and energy into this book and we are VERY grateful for your patronage! This is the first Marvel NOW book to make it to a 4th printing (Check out that new yellow/gold color! Nice!) and we all realize that happened because of YOU! So thank you VERY, VERY MUCH!

And, hey, we’ve got more “superior” stuff on the way for you!

Next Week:
The 4th Printing of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700

In Two Weeks:
As well as the SPIDER-MAN 2099 TPB (It might be a good time to catch up on that. *wink wink*)

Thanks again!”

We are just finding out if there is a specific email address to send your ideas