Please keep in mind that this is not a graphic novel; it is a comic, and should be approached as such.

Rummaging through the comics on display at A place in space, like a kid in a sweet shop, undecided with all the villainous covers laid out before me, there was Darkseid, – as portrayed by artists Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Alex Sinclair– lasers shooting from his eyes, rebounding around the page in 3d, visually it was more appealing than most, and with a bad guy of Darkseids stature, surely the story had to match his size, right? Well, please read on before coming to your own conclusions…

Now there is one thing these comics all have in common, and as it’s the only real thing that I can pick fault with as well, i’d like to address it now before I go any further; they are all just too damn short, considering they are representing some of the biggest and baddest in the world of super heroes, they are not getting nearly enough pages to make the impact they are worthy of; in fact, each story barely scratches the surface. So before you go to read these comics with grandiose expectations about the next best plot since the court of owls, think again! Instead, you can expect a lighthearted read, with a fun story for sure, which has been specially designed to give a more personal take on the best heroes worst enemies, and that my friends, is as far as it goes.

darkseid #1

If you are a gamer, you need only think of ‘God of War’ to entertain your curiosity, Darkseid even sounds like Kratos, as he bellows in his cold, bold and inconsiderate way, he also happens to be one miserable grouch of a god too! There is no doubt that Darkseid is the biggest bully around. We get a glimpse of his life as human, Uxas before he brutally attacks the gods themselves, giving us a very brief look at his origin story and how he becomes the all powerful being we all love to hate.

Art by Paulo Siqveira and Netho Diaz, is awe inspiring; a real pleasure to look at. The obvious finishing touches from colourist HI-FI, make the already wonderful art-work come to life in a godly fashion; the SFX and lettering are epic too, in the way they’ve been designed by Dezi Sienty. Writer Greg Pak has produced a fresh take on the big, bad DC bully, there is no doubt that it is well scripted, considering being restricted to only a single issue to work with. It’s definitely worth a read, if only once, and the 3d cover is a nice touch, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one.

Remember, approach this as a light-hearted read, and a single issue comic, and you should avoid any disappointment.

By Dylan Butcher :D.

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