Deadpool #12                             

                         “DAMNED IF YOU WIN, DAMNED IF YOU LOSE”

Deadpool, “the merc with the mouth” is getting himself into some serious s@#!* just lately, and to explain it all to those of you who haven’t been following is miniature-Deadpool to give you an informative -and it goes without saying-‘humorous’ briefing. Basically DP has got on the wrong side of a demon named Vetis, and he sent his wizard friend Micheal to make a deal with Mephisto to get help, which went very badly. So. Yeah.

I have to admit that I felt, at times, like I was watching the new kids series of spider-man. Deadpool has a very similar way with humour and a quick wit to match. The miniature DP also seemed a little bit childish. The mother and child discussing which great super-hero he could be was funny though, when he arrives and the young child expresses his dissapointment, DP stays true to his nature and tells the kid to P#@*! off! And if the mother wishes to sue then she should go to Matt Murdock who would be happy to help free of charge! This is just one example of the sort of humour to be expected in this issue, and as a whole the comic is very well written.

deadpool #12

Vetis is morphing into every marvel-comics super that he can think of and is using their powers to attack Deadpool… I mean this guy is out for cold revenge! Meanwhile Deadpool is trying to avoid being turned to ashes as he desperately attempts to devise a plan. Mephisto makes one hell of an entrance -pun intended!- And this issue proves to be a crucial part of the new Deadpool series… Prepare to be amused and bewildered!

The art is entertaining and has got a very cartoon like quality to it. I especially like the cover art, which is a joint effort by Tradd Moore and Marte Gracia, the colours are quite psychadelic and even the the DEADPOOL title at the top is reminiscent of an old 70’s film! You will be glad to see Mephisto playing such an important role of course, and the cover is accurate in the sense that the comic is visually entertaining from front to back, there is also a clear distinction between the different characters dialogue balloons with the effective use of colours and text, needless to say the lettering is definitely on-point.


Brian Posehn        Gerry Duggan        Mike Hawthorne        Val Staples