The Grinning Demon in Maidstone regularly hold a small comic convention. And while it’s obviously not the size of LSCC it had a lot of “heart”.

As you’d expect, these don’t attract huge floods of people but that doesn’t stop the show from being awesome. This was my first year attending, and while it wouldn’t be worth the leap from near Liverpool, it was well worth the journey from Southampton to Maidstone, where the convention took place.

DemonCon spanned across two medium sized rooms, and there was the usual guests that seem to attend every single convention each year as well as some lesser known small press guys, and a few shops.

The shops had a decent amount of stock and some great bargains but you can tell most people there are there to socialize and not really to spent lots of money; though they’ll buy a few bits.

One of the stalls I hadn’t come across before was a comic furniture shop; it wasn’t great I’m afraid. The lamps on sale literally had pieces of the comic glued to them, but if you don’t want to print off your own comic panels, or cut them out then it’s ideal…The furniture is also pretty durable and well made, so you could always go over the top with the comic memorabilia I guess!

There was also a little stall called “TheInkPages” selling comic inspired key rings, which were pretty nifty.

In terms of guests as I mentioned it had the usual guys, Grant Perkins was there again, selling his tooth pick painted mini canvases.

2014-01-17 13.02.18

And the lovely Dead Universe Comics were there too.

2014-01-17 12.45.19


Then they had some other guests that we rarely see as guests, like letterers and a prose writer, Lance Manley.

Nic Wilkinson was promoting Cancertown, but you can see all of her books here.

What I always enjoy about these little conventions is that the local talent get a chance to show off their stuff, Paul Rose is a local Royal Mail manager who spends his free time doing artwork, but he’s really good at it. I find it very rare that I can’t get enough of a piece but he had a piece called “Beating heart of Earth”, even though Paul doesn’t really work in comics he clearly has talent.

There was a small area dedicated to a few board games, one was a Judge Dredd game, this added a little something to the mix, where you usually see something like wrestling or fighting robots, they put in some great interaction. Though this wouldn’t work in bigger conventions because obviously you can only fit so many players in, for a convention this size it worked perfectly.

2014-01-17 15.40.27


There was a small auction being held to get some money for charity, I got a giant Amazing Spider-Man banner, they also had a Thor banner and an Iron Man 3 promo poster, a small raffle also took place one of the prizes was a zombie portrait from Phil Buckenham, which my fiancée won.

Nikki zombie


And finally, the best part of the small scale convention? There was a bar. And it served Hobgoblin, be honest now is there anything better than that?

Compared to Birmingham MCM this show won by a country mile, it was fun, friendly and family-friendly.