Demoncon is a Comics event which has been growing steadily from its small base a couple of years ago to the point where, for the first time this year, an international comics guest, Kurtis Wiebe was invited to attend the event. Roc Upchurch, his co-creator on Rat Queens, was also invited but recent and well documented circumstances meant that the invitation was withdrawn. Curtis and Dan Abnett were sufficient draws for me to make the long trek down from the North to attend my first event of the year.

The Demoncon event takes over the whole of a shopping arcade. There’s plenty of room for all the stands which take over the pathways between the shops and there’s the added bonus of a number of the shops opening for the day which means plenty of good food and drink available throughout the event.

There is enough variation in the offerings on the stands to interest every type of Con-goer. Cosplay is very high on the agenda and all the artists were busy sketching away for the many customers for their work. There were also plenty of comics for sale on several stands, all of which looked to be doing great business.

Kurtis was present for the whole event signing and chatting to the many customers who went to see him. Dan was his usual self, attracting a seemingly permanent semi-circle of people around his table and regaling everyone with his stories of his visits to the Guardians of the Galaxy film-set.

The atmosphere at the event was very laid back and friendly. Plenty of kids wandering round with their parents, I saw lots of wide-eyed little faces staring at the Star Wars cosplayers and eager to have their photos taken with their heroes. Everyone seemed to be having fun which is of course the name of the game.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Demoncon 9 and expect the event to continue to grow in stature. I absolutely recommend the event to everyone and dependant on guests for the next event later in 2015, I’ll be making the trek down south again.

Peter Brewer & Riven Alyx Buckley