Dice, the excellent weekend convention held in Dublin courtesy of the Big Bang Shop has been dropped for 2015. The statement giving this news states:

“DICE is an event that is an extension of our store Big Bang Comics.
Unfortunately, we have so many cool things happening this year at the store that we just don’t have enough time to run DICE to the standards that we love.

And forced between deciding to have a DICE that isn’t the best it can be, or have A LOT OF COOL SIGNINGS at the store throughout the year, we chose to put DICE on hold for a while to make our store events the very best (even better than before, which we know is quite hard!)

We had Mark Millar over a couple weeks ago, we’re having Chip Zdarsky in on the 9th of April, we’re organising a comic expo in Cork for Irish comics talent, we’re in the process of finalizing half a dozen signings that will make people very, VERY happy, (seriously) we have our own store exclusive covers, new books launching and special deals happening here and there…
In short, we just have too much stuff on our plate right now.

We want to say thanks to all the fans that have supported us these last few years and we promise you, we’re working hard to make sure that there’s a cool event/signing in store nearly every month with an unprecedented list of talent.”

Having attended the excellent DICE event in 2013, I was really looking forward to attending again not just for the event but for the surroundings and extras (draught Guinness anyone?). I really do hope along with, I’m sure, many others that this is not the last we will see of DICE. It is too important an event in the conventions calender to lose

Peter Brewer