Directed by Pete Travis.             Written and produced by Alex Garland.

In a place far, far away from the world of major comic book publishers, who are constantly comparing the size of their “assets”, there is a place where only the brave dare to descend, a place full of sleaze, riddled with crime, and plagued with the worst breeds of drug-dealers and thugs… That place is Mega City One.

In a very dark and dreary future, there is beauty in the midst of the harsh reality and that beauty rests solely in the production of this movie, because DREDD has planted the seed that will soon grow into the future of film itself. Prepare to witness the result of the most effective uses of a 3D camera, and the stuff that makes high def, blu-ray and 3D worth your time and money.

The Ma-Ma gang has got complete control over the tower-block of Peach-trees, using it as a base for the production and dealings of “slo-mo”, a new drug on the market that does exactly what it says on the bag. The violent gang leader is known as Ma-Ma (Lena Heady, 300 and Game of thrones). Judge Dredd(Karl Urban, Lord of the rings and star-trek) and Judge Anderson(Olivia Thirlby, Juno and united 93)  who is a mutant (mind reader, to be exact) hoping to be recruited, is under Dredd’s supervision for the day. They are in the block in search of the Ma-Ma gang following a triple homicide. Ma-Ma locks down the whole block with the judges inside, with a clear message to all residents that she will not re-open the shutters until they are both dead. The judges are bombarded by armed gang-bangers and are being hunted like wild animals,  they have to literally fight for their lives if they want to make it out of Peach-trees. Warning! Expect an ultra-violent, relentlessly fast-paced killing spree throughout!

dredd 3d

The slow-mo moments are an original and extremely-effective way to show off the movies special effects, HD and 3D capabilities. But this isn’t the only way they have showed off their 3D privileges, expect lots and lots of bullets, projectiles, stun grenades, explosions and executions. He is more than just a law-man, he IS the law and this version has achieved so much more than the 1995 film starring Sylvester Stallone did. DREDD is a credit to the 2000AD comics from Wagner and Ezquerra, and it deserves a-lot of recognition, not just from its cult following but from the rest of the world too…

We are set up nicely for a sequel; let’s just hope it happens in order to take Dredd to the next level… Judge Death would make a fascinating and horrific movie villain, who we would remember for centuries to come! But we will just have to see if Dredd has a future in film, or if it has simply shaped the future of film as a result of this stunning production.

Follow the link below to sign the petition for there to be a sequel, because if we make enough noise it might just happen, so jump on it people, and enjoy the movie…

Judge Dredd sequel petition!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀