Another action packed, power-fuelled addition to DC’s the new 52 range! The focus of this issue is obviously on the 2 all-powerful wizards/sorcerers, who are at war with each-other. The timing is very fast paced, but I think that works well for this particular issue, it gets the reader really routing for the good guys, scanning through the comic and happily anticipating, to see how this exciting battle is gonna pan out… In parts I am strangely reminded of dragon ball z, there’s something about 2 sorcerers going at it on a distant planet that makes me think of a super saiyan scuffle! It is almost re-assuring to see earth 2’s Green Lantern and Flash who are assisting Doctor Fate in his attempts to defeat the all powerful Wotan; it is a pleasant reminder that I am actually reading a DC comic!… Although a DC/marvel comics cross-over wouldn’t go a-miss, Dr Strange would put up one hell of a battle of spells and hexes with these pair of sorcerers! To be fair to the creative team behind these wizards, Wotan and Doctor Fate do make an extremely readable pair of cosmic enemies, each page is wondrous in both it’s illustration and lettering, basically the whole comic is candy for the eyes and a refreshing change to the often darker and more sombre of story-lines I have been reading lately.

earth 2 mid shot #12

We have a good scene with Green Lantern and Hawkgirl which takes us back to earth for the beginnings of a more serious story-line, possibly even the build up to another shocking event in the new 52’s, so keep your eyes peeled DC fans. The art-work is fantastic, and Trevor Scott has inked this issue to perfection, it couldn’t have been interpreted by anyone else in my opinion, the distinction between the 2 worlds and good and evil is obvious, which makes for a comfortable yet exciting read! Lettering and panel placement is spot on too, with the feelings of the 2 battling sorcerers being made crystal clear as they blast each-other with orbs, and whatever else they can summon.

As I ‘ve said already, it is a very refreshing and welcoming change to see wizardry used to this extent in a story-line, regardless of the comic company. So thank-you DC and all you creative minds who brought us earth 2 #12!

By Dylan Butcher.

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