Despite all the best efforts of James Lundy, the organiser, this Con seemed to be blighted by some bad luck. This started with the very late cancellation of one of the 3 headline comic acts, Robbi Rodriguez. James did ask me to categorically state that this cancellation was very much down to the guest and not the Con. A similar cancellation also then occurred with the top attraction on the film and TV side (don’t ask me to name the person as I have no interest in this area of Cons). Not a good start!

The bad luck continued on the opening morning with the news that another major guest, Mark Texeira, was stuck at Belfast airport and would not be arriving until the Sunday. Unbelievably, it then emerged that the airline had lost all the prints and drawing materials for Gianluca Gigliotti so he was totally hampered in what he was able to do for his fans. You would not have blamed James for having a really good cry into his beer!

He didn’t though, and as the Con unravelled during the course of the Saturday, it actually turned into one of the better Cons as the punters really just enjoyed themselves. Tons of cosplayers, lots of families with kids having a really great time, lots to do and see across the two very large convention rooms and the rest of the comic creators really made up for those that were missing.

Special mention must be made of Fabian Nicieza at this point. He was the main guest at the Con and lived up to his billing in nearly every way. Absolutely witty and engaging to talk to, he gave everyone loads of time that came to see him. Full of stories about his life in comics, you could not have wished for a better lead guest. His charging of £5 per signing per book for Deadpool and X related books hurt everyone financially, but he did sign anything else for free. I spent a small fortune with him over the weekend

Sunday rolled around and Gianluca was reunited with his luggage and a very effervescent Mark Texiera arrived. Lots of fun with lots of energy, Mark kept his queue of fans thoroughly entertained throughout the day, even managing to complete a few sketches commissioned on the day. The day just passed by very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to start the long drive back down to Manchester. You get a great feel for the Con by looking at all the photos of the event on the Con Facebook pages.

All in all, a great weekend filled with lots of super memories of going to a Con and a city that always delivers. Speaking to James after the event, he admitted the Con had been a great success but also said he was keen to not repeat the formula of tying too much into a couple of main guests. It will be really interesting to see what that translates to for guests for the 2019 event which has already been announced for 6thand 7th April. A highly recommended Con, not to be missed if you live in Scotland, and very worthwhile making the trip to if you live elsewhere in the UK.

Article by Peter Brewer, and feature image courtesy of Edinburgh Comic Con (Facebook)