We share a twitter account for comic conventions so I don’t necessarily see every tweet that we send out, but I saw this one.


Now I knew my co editor was writing a comic, but we don’t talk much about it and I didn’t know how far long he was until I saw this tweet, so decided to have a look.

Possible Working Title





So who exactly are they, here they are to explain

Who are Fly Comics?

We’ve been about for some time, although never as a collective.  Swanning around the conventions, expos and small press gatherings and thinking, “I wouldn’t mind being part of that”.  Well, we only went and did it didn’t we?  And again, by did it, I really mean came up with a name, bought a domain name and dropped a convenient WordPress installation on it.  Nevertheless though, it’s the first step into a larger world for us and we are excited, we have some books in the pipeline and can’t wait to bring them to print so you can enjoy them too.  Hopefully, we’ll see you about  on the convention circuit and tempt you to peruse our wares and enjoy our efforts as much as we did.  Toodle pip.


Now he has not asked me to write this, but hopefully soon he will have it finished and be at a convention soon. I for sure will grab a copy when it is finished.

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