Here is the full release from Andreas Pefanis to ourselves concerning pre orders. Personally you cant go wrong, and I have ordered one myself.


We are happy to announce that he will be attending the London Super Comic Convention on February 25th-26th.


Whoever visits can find him at the Comicworld booth. He is looking forward to meet you all in person!

He will  have many original pages and pin ups for sale as well as two of my sketchbooks. He will also be available for commissions.


Pricing for detailed pencils will be:

25pounds for A4 head.

35pounds for A4 bust.

60pounds for A3 (11x17inch) full figure.

additional figure +10pounds.


For preorders to be ready and received exclusively at the booth, These are the charges:

£20 for A4 head.

£30 for A4 bust.

£35 for A4 full figure.

£50 for A3 (11x17inch) full figure.


For info or requests pls contact here


“Yannis “Rubus” Roumboulias was born in Athens, Greece, works as a professional illustrator and comic book artist since 2005.  He is the creator, writer and artist of the first Greek critically acclaimed and award winning ongoing sword and sorcery series “The Dragonphoenix Chronicles” by Soul Twinkles Publications . Among others he has worked as the cover artist for the Greek edition of “Spawn Godslayer” for Comicwold Editions (originally published by Image Comics), guest artist in Comicdom Press mini series “Syndrome” and as a political cartoonist for 3,5 years for “Vima” newspaper. Yannis has won the Best Greek Artist Comicdom Award three years in the row 2006-2008. Currently he is drawning “Deadly Harvest” a new graphic novel for Arcana. Occasionally a film writer and actor, he lives and breathes just to draw and deal with cinema!

He claims to be a barbarian oaf and a professional geek from time to time. He also claims being pretty proud about it! In the following pages of this new sketchbook you will see some sample pages he draw with his favorite comic characters.”


Thanks in advance for your help.

Looking forward to meet you in L.S.C.C.


Best Regards

Andreas Pefanis