We hit the third major con of the year after Edinburgh and ICE Brighton and I undertook the trip from Manchester to a not so sunny Scotland to test out the revamped Glasgow con. Was it worth it?

I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Glasgow con and was a little apprehensive that changing this to a one day event would seriously effect attendance and the quality of guests and the special events. Judging by the long queue to get in the first of those concerns went out of the window virtually immediately. Also the guest list was a little thin and any major guest pull out would badly effect the line up on the day. This was also dispelled as an issue early on with the news that, unusually, all the guests had turned up.

The first way I gauge my own enjoyment of a comic con is how engaging the writers and artists are with the attendees and myself. I’m pleased to report that all of them bar one were really excellent. Kieron and Jamie are always good value as a comedy duo and they were on top form here. Pat Mills was superb, engaging with everyone who came to him at length as was the always interesting Frank Quitely. Of the international guests, Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Collinet were open and chatty and I have to make special mention of Amy Reeder who was completely brilliant all day long. Kudos to Al Ewing, Frazer Irvine, Laurence Campbell and the unadvertised Alison Sampson who were all most welcoming.

Cosplay was in full swing all day long and there were long queues for the parade near the end of the show. The seminars were also plentiful throughout the day and there was a buzzing sales area with a great variant of wares on sale. One of the highlights of the show was a super area for the kids and this seemed to be jam packed all day long. A big positive to the organisers for covering what is the future of the industry we all love so much.

So the million dollar question is whether my near 400 mile round trip was worth it? The answer is a very hearty “YES” and I’ll be back next year. I would definitely recommend visiting the con next year to anyone that is undecided. The atmosphere is great and there’s plenty going on to keep comics enthusiasts occupied all day long.